Sunday, 30 March 2014

Out in the sticks
Lets Tesselate 
Enamel on Leather
For Bon Zorro

Saturday, 15 March 2014

You have to spend money to make love..
Stoked to see this gasser I painted for Ray Gordon out in the streets of the promised land..
Even more so nowadays

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

100% // Barstow Goggles
Very excited about this collaboration, coming soon
Enamel on Vintage leather

Monday, 10 March 2014

RSD // Built for the Ride
Large scale sign for Roland Sands, its rare that I paint signs, but this one was fun..

Painted Ronan jacket for Roland Sands Design

Arai 6GPS // Drift Helmet
for Joe Ayala

Tank Display at the One Moto Show

Spotted in the wild
Work In Progress
Hand painting ten tanks as the awards for the One Moto Show
Talk Less // Play More
Spotted at the One Moto Show
Where I may or may not have shaken someones hand in order to acquire this motorcycle for myself...

KRKHM Racing
for James Kirkham

Tomahawk Mopeds // Los Angeles
For Derrick

Roland Sands
Rolands personal jacket

This Too Shall Pass
Enamel on vintage Schott leather jacket
for Rudi
Roland Sands 
Large scale hanging helmet sign for RSD
Tommy Ivo // 21 Helmets
A sneak peek at the helmet I submitted for the 21 Helmets Show in Portland
There will be a video documenting the concept and process behind this, coming soon.
The wonderful Scrambler built by Thor Drake from SEESEE, for the guys over at Chrome Industries

Drink Metal and Listen to Beer
For Casey
For Bon Zorro
Bell Moto Star
This ones for me…
Massive thanks to HellMart in Tokyo, not only for the helmet but also for the immaculate re-lining
Bell Moto4
for 100% Racing Goods in California